How to scan your WordPress website for vulnerabilities

A lot of people complain about WordPress being an insecure platform.

But the truth is that as every software product, risks arise if there is no management or quality check.

And fortunately, you don’t have to be a hacker to make sure your WordPress website is secure and protected from security threats.

There are many tools online to do audits on your site, but in this post, we will review:

Is pretty straightforward:

  1. Enter your website URL.
  2. Accept the terms of use.
  3. Click the button.

The scanner will begin gathering the details of your website and will display a message advising if your website is secure or not. Also, it will display some warnings or recommendations on how to improve the security.

How does it work? uses the list of bugs in, which contains more than 80,000 reported vulnerabilities for WordPress. Also, it checks for common mistakes made by people when installing WP on their servers.

If you need help repairing your WordPress website, make sure to check our services, we’re available 24/7/265.

And… if you want to audit how fast is your website, check this tutorial on WordPress speed monitoring tools.


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