How to install WordPress locally on Mac or Windows 10 using Mamp

Here’s another method to have WordPress working for you fast and easy.

If you want to first step into what WordPress is, have a little tasting and test without the fear of messing up your website, this tutorial is for you!

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and click Download
  2. Install Mamp in your computer
  3. Activate the servers
  4. Go to and download WordPress
  5. Extract the files and copy them to your Mamp local site
  6. Go to PhpMyAdmin in your Mamp site and create a new database (take note of the name you gave it)
  7. Edit your wp-config.php file with your user, password, db name and save it
  8. Go to your local website address and follow the WordPress installation process

That’s it!

8 steps, but let me show it to you in this video:

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