Adding content to your WP website

Are you ready to add your content to your website? Excellent!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what pages and posts are and how to use them. Then, you’ll learn how to add text and photos. And to finish, you’ll learn how to create the navigation menu which will be used by your visitors to navigate your website.

Let’s go! 

How to add pages and posts

Basically, there are 2 types of entries: Pages and Posts. Both work pretty much the same way although there are some technical differences.

Pages are used to show the information that almost never changes, like “About our company”, “Services”, “Our Warranty”, etc.

Posts are used as the blog entries, or to organize news, which you can put under categories. Posts are by default organized by date, so after adding more and more posts, you’ll have an archive of posts.

How to add a page

  1. In the admin side menu go to Pages and click on Add New.
  2. You will be presented with the Page Editor, fill in your page title in the top field. The big text box below is where you can add the text for your page.
    When you finish, click on Publish. Alternatively, you can Save Draft if you still don’t want to make the page live.
  3. You’re done! 🙂 Simple, right?

How to add a post

Adding a post is almost the same as adding a page:

  1. Go to Posts and click on Add New.
  2. In the Edit Post screen, fill in the title and add the text in the content box.
  3. Select a Category. This is the difference between pages and posts. Posts can be organized into Categories.
  4. Click on Publish to make it live. If you don’t select a Category it will select the default one which is called Uncategorized.

How to add categories for the posts

  1. In the menu go to Posts and then Categories.
  2. In the presented screen fill only the Name and click on Add New Category.

You can have an unlimited number of categories to organize your posts.

Adding photos

To add photos, either to pages or posts, follow these steps:

  1. In the Edit Page or Edit Post screen, place your cursor in the area where you want the photo added and click one time.
  2. Now, click the Add Media button.
  3. Then click on Upload Files
  4. Then click on Select Files, it will open your computer folder, search and select the image file you want to use.
  5. After it completes uploading, click in the button Insert into post.
  6. You’re done! If you want to, you can click on the image and move into another position.


Once you have added your pages and posts, you need to create your navigation menu, which is the element the visitor uses to go to each of your pages or posts.


Creation of your navigation menu

  1. In your side menu go to Appearance and then Menus
  2. If there are no menus created yet, this screen will be empty. Fill in the Menu Name and click on Create Menu.

  3. In the left side, you’ll see all the options to add to your menu. You can add your Pages, Posts, Categories of posts, and Custom Links, which are links to any website you want. To add Pages or Posts, you only need to mark the boxes and then click on Add to Menu.
  4. After you have added all the options to your menu, you can rearrange the order by click and dragging. Also, you can change the titles of each option, this is useful if you prefer to display a title in the menu and another in the page or post. Now, depending on what theme you’re using, you might have more than 1 location to display menus, this allows you to have many menus and each placed in a different area of your page. In our example, there is only 1 location. Select all the locations where you want your new menu to appear. After you’ve finished, click on Save Menu.
  5. You’re done!



Play around with content and remember everything is removable. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! 😀

Take a day or two to assimilate this tutorial, then, come back to the next part of the series: Plugins: Extending the functionality of your website


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